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February 10, 2020

Whoa. What a mess.  I attended the caucus on Monday and looked forward to the results being announced shortly after.  The lack of quick (although promised) results invites questions as to the credibility of the caucus. Because of this, I really doubt we will see Iowa as the first caucus in the nation.  It was a good run (forty years), kind of fun, brought money and notoriety to our small, rural state - but good things don’t last.  Too many cooks (rules) spoiled the party. 

I have this sign in my office “Just Do It” - I bought it back in the 90’s at a Nike store.  I’ve always had it hanging in whatever office I’m in.  Not for anyone but me.  This statement tells me to not think every problem or issue to its death.  Don’t process a question for days but rather use my common sense and intuition and experience and decide something.  Is it always right?  Nope, but nothing is ever 100% right.

New Hampshire has their primary next week.  They claim to have never had a recount.  They use paper ballots and some of their ballot boxes go back to the 1800’s.  They don’t use an app and a ton of new rules to make things “go smoother”.  Because it has worked for a pretty long time, they continue to use the same process. 

As we go forward in our businesses, our communities and our elections - mucking up a process with too much noise will not produce better results.  In medicine, the providers use “evidenced based medicine” to make decisions (what are the best practices based on the best results?) … perhaps we should practice this in our everyday lives.  Be prompt and decisive and go with your gut and what’s worked well in the past - you’ll probably be fine. 

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