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January 31, 2022

Atrophy is by definition: gradually declining in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect.  Basically, use it or lose it.  This past couple of years I’ve binge watched TV waaaayyy too much.  I’ve napped excessively.  My mind has become mushy. I discovered TikTok.  So ….

I’m doing Wordle.  I get up at 4:30 am; I meditate for 20-30 minutes - then I make my coffee and wordle.  Wordle is a once a day word (5 letters/6 chances) guess thing* (kind of like Wheel of fortune).  It takes about 5 minutes a day.  When I get to work, I have to help people (Jordan) with their Wordle.  My friend, Jennifer, advertised the word game Sweardle with 4 letters and only swear words.  That might be fun as well. (Jordan would excel at this game.)

My dad used to tell me that it was important to exercise the brain.  His choice of exercise was Sudoku.  Others solve Rubik’s cubes or the NY Times crossword puzzle.  I like Wordle, playing my guitar and reading**.  No to “gradual decline”. 


**The book I’m reading now is “Into Thin Air” about a Mt. Everest climbing trip that met with disaster in the late 90’s.  I’m not to that part yet - I’m about half way and the author is talking about the trip and how difficult it is.  I’ve definitely decided that I will never climb mountains.

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