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January 27, 2020

Strive to make molehills out of your mountains.  This is my quest for myself.  Basically, I think I need to minimize my big hairy life events into less stressful situations.  Case in point, Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics was invited to talk about our services at the noon Rotary Group in Webster City this last Monday.  Ok, I do that a lot and it’s fairly routine for me.  I brag us up all the time.  My topic was our new clinic down there and how we are already busting out of our seams and how we are working with some of the local contractors to investigate our options.  Build, renovate a bigger space … ? I don’t know; possibilities are ripe down there.  The meeting was packed - a lot more showed than usual (lots of people from the Webster City hospital).  Essentially, all I was asked to do was talk about the services we offer and our plans for the clinic.  I had great stress prior … but I calmed myself down by telling myself, this is no big deal, you got it.

In my leadership journey, I used to tell people that my strategy was to map out the “game” -- be 5 chess moves ahead, anticipate the actions (good or bad) and have a plan.  I’m learning that this gives me undo stress and anxiety and maybe, it’s not so bad just to be present in the moment and be ready for whatever.  I’m the type of person who plans a huge dinner party and while people are enjoying their salad I’ve already moved on to planning the dessert.  Well, I’ve missed the whole party then.  How much do I miss out by being 5 moves ahead?  How much has my journey suffered because of unnecessary stress and anxiety by planning for all potential outcomes?  Whew, that is a burden!

Ok, you.  How many foods do you miss out on because you build up anxiety because of the color of the food, or fact that it is fish*, or its texture might be weird?  How many situations do you avoid because you think the people who are going would look at your different?  How many best times or experiences in your life have you talked yourself out of because of a mountain of anxiety you’ve placed on the situation?  The world is truly filled with amazing, wonderful opportunities and it is just waiting for us to jump in and do.  Jump in and do, the chance might not be there tomorrow.

*obviously I’m not talking about if you have an food allergy.  

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