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January 24, 2022

I have a lot of scented candles.  Both at work and at home (because my office is above the biohazard storage area … sigh).  I made Jordan smell one today, and she said it smelled like an old man’s car or closet … then she stuck out her tongue.  I didn’t buy it because for this specific smell - it was not supposed to be “old man stink” … it said patchouli.  

We all have great intentions.  When I’m on the treadmill jogging - in my mind, I’m very impressive; but when I see myself in a mirror jogging, it’s a whole different story.*  If I could live the story I portray in my mind of what I think I am doing (running, biking, singing, dancing, everything else) I’d be pretty amazing.  A life goal I’ve had is to reduce this space between my imagination and reality.  (I have a long ways to go.) 

I think this is a huge problem in society.  The so-called “Karens” of the world are probably thinking they are doing a good thing.  Those who protest and “complain” probably are doing so because they want the world to work in how they think it should work.  Maybe I’m way too optimistic, but I don’t think people wake up wanting to be angry or mean or hurtful; I think we all want the same thing - a peaceful, happy existence.  

I tell people all the time “rise above the emotion” … essentially, don’t get defensive or angry when you disagree.  Picture yourself rising above a situation and look down and ask why someone is acting a specific way.  Practice empathy - see where they are coming from and readjust your perspective.  Again, we all want the same thing in the end.

*I once asked my sister what she was doing on the treadmill - she said running … I said I could crawl faster.  (for the record, never say this)

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