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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

January 29, 2015

I had a really weird dream.  Greg and Kirk were playing Horse (no jump shots—all dunks) in the parking lot, and the loser had to watch the winner eat a Big Mac. Amy rode into Clarion from Belmond in a buggy pulled by Clydesdales. She was accompanied by a Dalmation and a yellow Lab puppy (not to mention a bearded dragon, a Great Pyrenees, a red-eared slider, a hamster, and ten goldfish). Reagan was doing his best to describe his cultural heritage through interpretive dance at an LDI and had an unfortunate “wardrobe malfunction.” Danica Patrick made a capital purchase request at the Board meeting, and we ended up turning our entire EHR over to Brett Favre came out of retirement to help with a project in Assisted Living. When we handed him a Snickers bar, he turned into Nancy Gabrielson. I walked to the Wildflower Café and the guys from IT were being fed Doritos by Victoria’s Secret models and finally, Steve was at a press conference accepting awards for being one of the top 20 health leaders in the nation and for Press Ganey’s in the 110Th percentile.  During the press conference, he answered every question with “yeah” and no eye contact. Hmmm…must be Super Bowl Week!!! Enjoy the commercials (and the game).

Seahawks 45

Patriots 17


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO


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