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January 4, 2018

January 3*, 2018 - No Legs

Shakespeare said, “I cried because I had no shoes until I saw the man with no legs.” 
We all have our struggles in life and those struggles have a purpose. It started at birth. We were all comfy inside the womb, laying around safe and warm, minding our own business and all of the sudden we were forced to squeeze through a tiny opening that we could barely fit through into a cold new reality of a life (essentially) on our own. The “squeeze” through the opening had a physiologic purpose: it forced amniotic fluid from our lungs so that we could breathe and start obtaining our oxygen in a whole new way. Do you see how the very act of being born prepared us for this life? With struggle becomes strength. Without cold you can’t appreciate warm, without sorrow you can’t appreciate joy, etc., etc. Certainly, there will always be change. 

Steve always has a word or a phrase for each New Year. I liked that idea so I started choosing one each year four years ago. I haven’t heard his yet for this year, but mine is “no legs”. I will be thankful in all situations (at least that’s my goal). Thankful people are happy people and this gives me hope as I continue to carry the heavy weight of grief on my journey. Make it a great year and be thankful - for everything!

*it was two years ago today

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