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Making the Rounds

September 28, 2017

Shelly and I just spent 4 leisure days in Arizona.  We were invited down to Scottsdale by some good friends.  We slept well, ate well, and worked out every day.  We even had a chance to hike to the top of a small mountain.  I’ve returned to work refreshed and ready to face fall with renewed enthusiasm.  I feel happy* and thankful.  Believe me, those feelings are very refreshing due to the wet blanket of grief I still do carry around beneath the surface.

I just want to remind whoever reads this to fill up your own buckets.  The nature of our business (Healthcare) is to give and to serve.  This can best be done by keeping your own bucket full.  I just filled mine.  Let me remind you of my “Daily Prescription for Happiness”:

1) Quiet Time
2) Good Nutrition
3) Adequate Sleep
4) Fun Diversion
5) Exercise

Incorporate these five things into each day, and it’s nearly impossible to not be happy.

Your Doctor

*Part of the reason I’m happy is that Nebraska leads the Big 10 West division right now!! 

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