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Making the Rounds

September 14, 2017

This past weekend was a lot of fun.  It started with the tailgate potluck on Friday.  What an impressive showing of team pride and creative food preparation.  I wore Hawkeye gear (with two sons there now I’m somewhat obligated-my blood is still Husker red!).  Fortunately, I avoided any photos* and I wasn’t seen by fellow Huskers in our organization, so I came through unscathed. The weather was great and you couldn’t ask for a better Iowa/ISU game.  My Huskers played at Oregon, and the outcome wasn’t so great (lost 42-35).  One cool thing is that “Animal House” was filmed on the University of Oregon campus.  They have a cool tradition of singing “Shout” by Otis Day and the Nights at the end of every third quarter.  I’ve decided to approach this week inspired by quotes from that movie-so if you haven’t seen it, you’re probably too young, but keep reading for some great life tips.

“Don’t think of it as work.  The whole point is just to enjoy yourself.”
Who doesn’t need to channel this thought, especially early in the week?  He was referencing golf in the movie.  We have so many daily opportunities to enjoy ourselves each day.  Be present and enjoy every moment, even the seemingly bad ones.  Try to find the humor in every situation.  Be present in the present.

“See if you can guess what I am now.”
We are often required to wear many hats in our duties here.  These are what HR calls “other duties as assigned.”  Being able to be flexible and universal (where possible) makes us valuable. Thank you in advance for always stepping up.  Follow the “platinum rule”: Do unto others BETTER than they do unto you!

“Ramming Speed”
This is not a commentary on our electronic health record. smiley face I do think of it as execution of our vision with full confidence and effort.  Our collective “why” is our families.  With that in mind, approach work with efficiency and a great attitude. Show up, do your job, and go home to your family. Enjoy life in both realms.

“Over? Nothing is over until we decide it is!”
Nebraska fell behind this weekend 42-14 at halftime. They came back and won the second half 21-0. They had a chance to win with 2 minutes left in the game, but just fell short.  They never gave up. On those tough days, just push through! Tomorrow will be better. Remember that failure is not the opposite of success; it’s a part of it. Take that to heart on your roughest days when you FEEL like a failure.

There are so many other great quotes from that movie, but this is a family show!  If you’ve seen the movie, please share your favorite quote with me when you see me. Otherwise, I challenge you to watch it.  It’s a classic!

Dr. Michael Hurt wearing U of I Hawkeye attire.*Editor’s Note…Dr. Hurt caught on film in Hawkeye attire.  You're welcome! 

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