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Making the Rounds

August 3, 2017

This morning I saw our friend, Larry, again out walking in front of the hospital. It was ironic because he was out there two weeks ago when Steve was writing his article, and we both wrote about him.  Today I went out and reintroduced myself.  This time I told him that he was inspirational to many.  He smiled.  He hadn’t realized that people have been watching him walk.  I thanked him and told him I would try to remember his name next time, and he said he’d try to do the same.

That brings me to a little follow up from last week:  Shelly won her competition!  She won her age group and got second in the novice and open categories.  It was a one point differential between her and the first place contestant who was 20 years younger than her! The win is significant because she also won a “pro card”.  This is a difficult to obtain designation.  Many people spend years competing and never get one.  She got it in her first show! What it means is that she is eligible to compete in national large shows against other pros. The most significant detail is this; one of her competitors (the one on the right side of the photo below) was extremely nervous before going out.  Shelly instinctively “angelled” her! (verb: the action of being an angel-see my July 20th article) She calmed her down, and told her she was ready and to enjoy the moment. Then they went out together. She did great. 

If you need inspiration in your day, look around.  You won’t need to look far. Just bring yourself to the present and open your eyes.  We are blessed to work in a place that, if we just pause and look around, we can be inspired by the kindness and determination of others.  That inspiration is contagious and leads to the culture we are always trying to attain. Enjoy your weekend. Be well!


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