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Making the Rounds

November 23, 2017

“I just don’t want to mess this up…”

Have you ever thought this or even said it?  Guess what, that is going to be your downfall because you absolutely will fall and you will mess up.  People that struggle with seeing progress have major issues with this.  They feel that by ‘messing up’ that somehow makes them inferior.  People hate feeling inferior.  Life, in all aspects, is going to present trial.  It is through trial and error that we learn.  We notice patterns, and we adjust our behaviors.  It is through enough times falling flat on our faces that we finally achieve what we’re trying for.

You are not going to be flawless.  You are going to fall short.  You are going to be imperfect.  That doesn’t matter! What matters is that you learn from the fall, and you do not give up!  You get back up and you keep moving forward.  Fail and fail often, and be okay with it.  Learn to embrace struggle.  You don’t progress by doing what you can easily do.  You progress by attempting and pushing through with the things you are unsure of, that challenge you.  If you aren’t willing to do things that are hard or make you uncomfortable then learn to accept where you currently are.

The above can be applied to many aspects of our lives (relationships, work, school, sports, nutrition, exercise, etc.).  I challenge you to start early and think about your goals for 2018.  Make a plan and then go for it! Always, and I mean always, start with what you are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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