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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

September 8, 2016

About a month ago Shelly and I started doing "restorative yoga" on Sunday nights. We usually ride our bikes there and back. (This is why married men live longer: wives that make them work out, eat right, ride bikes, walk the dog and do yoga!) This is a very relaxing type of yoga that mainly involves stretching and breathing in a warm dark room with soothing background music. During the class the instructor talks about things to reflect on. Mixed in with the usual physiologic reflections about fascia, muscles, meridians and your parasympathetic nervous system, this week her reflection was about being thankful for all the little things in our lives that make us able to do the things we do. Things we don't normally think about such as the people that work in tire factories that enable us to drive to work or those who have done research to harness electricity that we take for granted each day. As I was lying there it sounded pretty corny, but it must have sunk in because that's all I could think about on my drive to work today. I encourage you to try it. Take your thankfulness to a whole new ridiculous level. I think you will find that it becomes real mindful. It seems that mindfully reflecting brings me to live in the present. Otherwise, I would likely be thinking about tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. Living in the present is really where we need to be.

Last week: 4-1

Ohio St 50 Tulsa 7

Oregon 63 Virginia 20

NU 55 Wyoming 21

UCF 35 Michigan 31

Iowa 63 ISU 14


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO

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