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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

February 11, 2016

Another two weeks has passed. This time I don't really feel like writing, but I'm up against a deadline. It gives me great appreciation for people who write for a living. "Living", that's a word that catches my eye (but I digress). This past weekend we had an event to attend that Iowa Weight Loss Specialists sponsored. It was time well spent to promote the program. The rule for the night was "no grieving tonight". Shelly and I even took dance lessons to prepare for this "grown up prom". God has quite the sense of humor. We ran into friends/neighbors from where we lived 8 years ago. We went to the same church, played volleyball and socialized with them. Our kids played together, including Jack and their only son Rob. As we stood up to dance we ran into these friends. It was then and there that we learned Rob had taken his own life 6 months (to the day) prior that Jack did. How we hadn't heard, considering all the BS you do hear, we'll never know. Needless to say, the no grieving rule cannot be randomly imposed and our dancing skills were put on the back burner until next time. Hugging those friends was the highlight of our night. My interpretation is that it was God's way of showing all of us he understands and will help us through. 

All in all, we're doing well. We are hyper vigilant with the kids and truly cherish our family time. The compassion shown to us from every direction is healing and hopeful. The environment in our facilities makes it easier to go work. I'm inspired to be better each day. Thanks for your patience. In this cold and relentless winter season (and I'm not talking about the weather) love is keeping us warm.

I have no photograph of her that is any good. I cannot even see her face distinctly in my imagination. Yet the odd face of some stranger seen in a crowd this morning may come before me in vivid perfection the moment I close my eyes tonight. No doubt, the explanation is simple enough. We have seen the faces of those we know best so variously, from so many angles, in so many lights, with so many expressions-waking, sleeping, laughing, crying, eating, talking, thinking-that all the impressions crowd into our memory together and cancel out into a mere blur. But her voice is still vivid. The remembered voice-that can turn me at any moment into a whimpering child. - CS Lewis


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO

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