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June 16, 2016

Poorly Differentiated Primate Lifeforms

I’m talking about teenagers of course.  Shelly and I just got back from a week of vacation with six of them (3 of ours plus 3 friends).  There was a time when the kids were 1, 3, 5,7, and 9 years old that people would warn us, “Just wait until they are teenagers!”.  We were like, “Yeah, right!” At the time we couldn’t wait to be done with diapers and not have to carry anyone during trick-or-treating! The nice thing was that they were immobile!  We could wear them out, clean them up and put them to bed early.  We knew where they were and that they were safe.  Things change quickly.  Some of the benefits of them being more independent (cooking, hanging with friends, and driving) also become new sources of worry for parents.  It is more difficult to control their environment, and they are so messy! The largest perceived distance between any two points in our house is the ten feet between the bedroom floor and the hamper in the laundry room! We now look back fondly at those younger days (We actually think babies are cute again).  It will be the same for this stage as well I’m sure.  

The one thing I know is that we wouldn’t trade being parents for anything in the world.  It has drawn us closer together and closer to God.  We are far from perfect parents, but we love them with everything we have. Hopefully, we can help these “lifeforms” completely differentiate into something recognizable, as the compassionate beautiful humans they were created to be!

Since Father’s Day is Sunday, I have been reflecting on my 24 years of being a Dad and the many years of being a son.  It’s a beautiful cycle; a chance to throw out the bad and pass on the good.  Happy Father’s Day Dads! Enjoy your weekend. 


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO

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