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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

April 7, 2016

Final Four

Villanova - 77 North Carolina - 74. Buzzer Beater. What a game! I’m writing this on the plane back from Houston. We were near the student sections, and it was refreshing to see so much spirit and good clean fun in the name of competition.  It was also pretty neat to get a first hand look at many basketball legends including Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neil, and Michael Jordan. We also witnessed what will become a classic national championship game.

Our daughter, Grace, lives in Houston and works at the venue of the Final Four.  She was able to get us great seats.  It was the first time we had seen her since Jack’s funeral. We had lunch with her on April 3rd (the 3 month mark). She is doing very well. She is working hard and looks good. It was very reassuring.  All the kids have struggled in their own way with grief, but I think everyone is ok so far.  We planned this trip a long time ago, so considering all that has happened, the timing of the trip was a blessing.  The challenges that come with work and life are sometimes overwhelming. Even when you know in your heart you are doing the right thing, and you face obstacles that truly put you in a no win situation. I’m still thankful and for sure humble (because life just does that!). Jack’s death puts everything into perspective.  Despite the challenges, I am looking forward to getting back to work with an eye to the future and 20/20 vision. We are really excited to get home and see our other kids too.  What matters most to us is our own “Final Four”: Grace, Cole, Hunter, and Grant. 


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO

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