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March 24, 2016

The Cake.Birthday cake

This Friday, March 25th, would be Jack's 22nd birthday. He has been on our minds a lot. We have a tradition in our family that when someone has a birthday we make "the cake". The cake originated with Cole (now 19) several years ago when he asked for all kinds of candy on top of a funfetti cake. Through the years it has evolved into the funfetti cake loaded with colored sugar on top. I assure you this is the BOMB! Especially when served with ice-cold milk. We ALL have this cake on our birthday (and for breakfast the next day-Don't tell Dr. Eibes!). Tonight I asked Shelly to make "the cake" this Friday. I want to start a new tradition of having "the cake" every year on Jack's birthday and each of us can share special memories of him. For any of you who may have been reading any of my previous writings, you know that I haven't wanted "just memories". I think this signifies a turning point for me. Maybe a tiny bit of acceptance? I don't know, but I have been starting to cherish memories of Jack and not just be angry that's all I have. I have also been cherishing the present and really appreciating life for all of its twists and turns. Everything is in clearer perspective.

"The cake" from my last birthday is pictured below. Please don't count the candles!


Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO


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