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December 15, 2016

Two Conversations

Conversation One:  Took place in the Wildflower this week.  I was talking with two physicians at lunch.  The Topic: Astronomy (not astrology), Quantum Physics and Existence of God; How do they all relate?*

Conversation Two: Took place at the nurse’s station on the patient floor in Clarion.                                   The Topic:  How do you handle the death of a loved one, especially the first Christmas since your loss?*

At times it seems like science and beliefs are at odds.  As a lifelong science person, sometimes it seems easy to question the existence of God.  Then you realize, in science there are theories.  Theories can only be DISPROVEN.  In thousands of years, the idea of a creator has never been disproven!

In the death of a loved one (especially someone very close) you immediately feel that a part of you has died with them.  You also tend to isolate (mistake).

*the answer to both questions is: Faith and Not Alone.

Faith is like a curtain.  If someone has walked through that curtain they can tell you what is on the other side.  They may be able to share the beauty of creation in different context.  They may also be able to share how amazing it is that ALL science disciplines work together in one harmonious cycle, as if some great master planner designed it.  However, if you have never walked through the curtain you will never see it.  Faith is walking through the curtain so that you may see, as opposed to seeing so that you then walk through the curtain.  People can only tell you so many of their faith stories, ultimately you have to step through the curtain and see for yourself.

As far as the feeling that a part of you died at the loss of a loved one; A little bit of us dies each day anyway, but guess what? We are reborn a little bit each day as well! When the death occurs, it’s a big chunk in one day, but the rebirth occurs at the same slow rate.  It’s why we grieve, but get better over time. It is part of life (to me it is also evidence of a master planner-see previous paragraph).  The best thing to do is allow people to reach out to you and share their stories, their life.  Over time, it will heal you and them!  

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