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November 17, 2016

This is my “Thanksgiving” edition.  This is what I’m thankful for today. 

Susie Q

Today is my *sister’s birthday.  I won't tell you how old, but she is 11 years older than me. She was there when I was born (I was born in my house, in North Omaha, delivered by my father, who was a carpenter, not a physician!) and has been here for me ever since.  She, along with my other sister, Barb, literally raised me.  By the time I was born my parent’s were, for lack of a better word, absent (close your ears you therapists out there-yes, I have a high “ACE” score!). Susie was my caregiver, babysitter and best friend. She challenged me to work hard and led by example. She is the one who held me while breaking the news of my parent’s divorce to me when I was 9.  She taught me how to drive a stick.  She was there for every significant event in my life. She is the most sensitive person I know.  She ALWAYS puts others first.  At one time she was in the convent and was going to be a nun.  She decided her calling was wife and mother so she left before taking her final vows. She became a wife of nearly 40 years, mother of three and grandmother to many!

For the last 90 minutes I have been reflecting on all she means to me and everyone in our family.  I am really blown away when I think about it! It occurs to me that she has always been there to celebrate the wins and be present through the losses and to hold my hand.  In fact, in my own grief, I failed to realize (until just now) how much she must be grieving Jack as well.  She spent so much time with him when he was very little.  In usual Susie fashion however, she has been more focused with her concern for me than her own grief.  There is so much more I will say in person, but for now, I just want to use this time (and space) today to say, “Happy Birthday Susie, I love you, and I’m so thankful for you!”

*This also happens to be Dr. Diamond’s mother-which explains her awesomeness!

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