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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

February 25, 2016

As parents we all definitely want to provide for the needs of our children. We also would love to give them everything they want. What is difficult is when what they want conflicts with what they need or conflicts with the needs of the family as a whole. Thus is the conundrum of being a parent. Parents who always give their kids what they want will often end up with an unappreciative spoiled child. That is obvious. Sometimes you provide what they want and what they need in the appropriate ratios, to the best of your ability, and they still hang themselves. It's excruciating! 

The very same thing holds true for leadership in an organization. All we can do is try to look out for the needs of the organization as well as the individuals who comprise it to the best of our ability. Those decisions are excruciating as well. Just like in a family, sometimes the word "no" is what is needed for the greater good of an organization. That was true when we had to say "no" to Athena Health's electronic record or "no" to vendors who want to continue price gauging. These decisions are not easy. They are made with due diligence, collective experience and with the entire organization in mind. Always.

I can assure you, that since the death of my son on January 3rd I have a renewed perspective on life going forward, both as a father and as a member of our leadership team. It doesn't make me "right" all the time or entitled to anything. I will still make mistakes. I am human, but I will go forward with more courage.

Speaking of courage, I have actually allowed myself to start listening to some music again. I have limited myself to 70's and 80's tunes because they don't typically induce crying. Today I heard Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young". I'm not sure if that was God's sense of humor or Jack's, but either way I'm thankful for the gift of "Brave". 

Be well y'all.

In retrospect, the landmark moments in my life are not the gross sins I committed nor the infrequent acts of heroic virtue I performed, but a handful of decisions that involved risk. - Brennan Manning


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO

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