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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

July 20, 2017

Shelley Hurt Weight Lifting - Photo 1I got the rare opportunity to read Steve’s newslines before writing mine this week.  He was talking about Shelley Hurt Weight Lifting 5 those that inspire others and the “angels” among us.  I have had the same thing on my mind.  My wife has truly always been my angel.  She is my gift from God (after all, I met her in a gift shop :) ).  Shelly has inspired me, helped me grow, and stood by me in my darkest hours when it certainly wasn’t easy.  Through the gym she owns, I have seen her inspire literally hundreds of people.  She encourages them.  She gives them confidence.  She cries with them and celebrates with them.  She is ALWAYS present to them and sits down with them. They never feel rushed, and they always feel heard and cared for.  Prior to that endeavor she was always about the children and me.  She was critical support for everyone in the family, the foundation.
Shelley Hurt Weight Lifting 2
Over the past couple months she has been on a journey for HER.  She is combining her love of fitness with a goal of overcoming fear.  She will be in her first bodybuilding competition in Colorado on July 29th.  She has taken more time for herself than usual.  It’s funny to see how some people at the gym have “taken her for granted” and are a little “offput” as they perceive a little less attentiveness.  I have been guilty of that myself in the past - never again.  The best part are the angels that have stepped up to support her in this endeavor; Shelley Hurt Weight Lifting 3Javier, Marko, Ivana, Barbie, Tracy, Jeff, Paige, and Shauna to name a few. She initiated a private Facebook page, Shelley Hurt Weight Lifting 6“The half-naked truth” to blog about the experience from the beginning.  It has been amazing to see the support she has gotten there as well (even though she has had to block a few “creepers”).

I, like Steve, am inspired by the people I see encouraging others every day.  It truly is “love in action”.  Like the man Steve saw Shelley Hurt Weight Lifting 4outside his window, little steps (small moments really) can truly inspire. Thanks for the inspiration wife.  Now, we are all here for you and cheering you on.  It’s time you fill up your bucket! You have a lot more “angelling”* to do in this life.

*angelling:  verb.  The work of being an angel. I will submit this word to the “Urban Dictionary”!!

Please see the attached photos to see some of her progress or ask to join her page.

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