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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

December 17, 2015

What happens every year at this time is that we focus on Christmas.  In my family, the side effect of this is the diminishing of our son’s (Hunter) birthday.  Not his year!  Happy Birthday Hunter Hurt!  This happens to be his 17th (his “golden” birthday – 17 on the 17th).  Hunter’s passion is policy debate.  He travels around the country to pursue it.  His idea of fun on a Friday night, if he is not debating, is to buy a philosophy book at Barnes and Noble, read it over the weekend and then “weaponize” it for his next debate! One of his favorite authors, Friedrich Nietzsche, is an atheist.  The following is an actual text exchange from last Saturday between me and Hunter:

DAD: “Atheism turns out to be too simple.  If the universe has no meaning, we never should have found out that it has no meaning.” CS Lewis

HUNTER: “It is true, there could be a metaphysical world; the absolute possibility of it is hardly to be disputed.  We behold all things through the human head and cannot cut off this head; while the question nonetheless remains what of the world would still be there if one had cut it off.” Friedrich Nietzsche

DAD: “We don’t have a soul. We are a soul. We have a body.” CS Lewis

We are so proud of our son Hunter Hurt. He is intelligent, independent funny and just a little bit naughty.  Kind of a cross between Abe Lincoln and Ferris Bueller! We have learned a lot from him and we celebrate his individuality and uniqueness.  If he were not our son, we would never have known about debate, philosophy, spreading (speed reading), flowing, research or judge “prefs”. We likely wouldn’t have seen the office of the Dowling Dean of Students either! His musical tastes are widely varied.  He likes the Beatles and CCR, but then takes it to the dirt with some nasty rap lyrics as well.  Thank God he isn’t just a boring little clone of me sitting around watching sports and eating donuts and milk!  Thank you for teaching us and growing us son!

We love Hunter Hurt and want the world to know it!

“Happy Hunter Days!” 

For this week, Christmas can wait!


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO

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