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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

April 6, 2017


This week I scheduled away from work in anticipation of making some college visits.  Tomorrow we will be going with Hunter to the University of Iowa*.  He was offered and accepted a full tuition scholarship (and partial room and board) for his academic pursuit of policy debate.  He will be competing on a national level representing the University of Iowa. Where we are NOT visiting this week: Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Yale nor Columbia.  These are all the places Grant (35 on ACT, 4.87 GPA and graduating one year early) applied to and did not get accepted.  He is extremely disappointed. I assure you, as parents, we are “managing up” this situation.  Grant has had it pretty good (in our opinion), and he will have to learn to live with disappointments in life. Having said that, I have never seen a better student than Grant! (and I’ve brushed elbows with some great students in my day) This just shows that sometimes you do the very best you can and you may still fall short of your goal.  Grant will be a better person because of it.  Had he not reached for the best he may not have become the kind of student he is!  I have no doubt he will be very successful.

In this life, I have experienced and caused my share of disappointments.  In every instance, no matter how painful, they have led to growth.  I encourage Grant and everyone reading this to continue to set the bar high, do the next right thing and to never give up.  Life isn’t fair, nor equal. If it were I guess we’d never learn anything. 

*you see, sometimes a parent shoots for the moon (University of Nebraska) but the child still ends up in the stars (University of Iowa)

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