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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

October 20, 2016

Team of Rivals

Presidential politics has gotten so divisive, disrespectful, and nasty. Any truly smart and qualified person would be crazy to consider running if this is what they sign up for. I can't even bring myself to watch the upcoming, final debate. We need more graciousness and self-deprecating humor out of these two. Once Abe Lincoln was accused of being two-faced and his response was "If I had two faces, do you think I'd be wearing this one?" 

What makes me feel better about it all though is historical perspective. About 100 years ago Teddy Roosevelt, although eligible, decided not to run for another term and he campaigned for his good friend William Howard Taft, who won. Fast forward four years and Teddy didn't think his old buddy was progressive enough and decided to run against him in the primary and lost. So Teddy decided to run as a third party (The Bull Moose Party) candidate. The Republican vote was split between Teddy and Taft, so Woodrow Wilson won. Friends often become rivals and vice-versa. Abraham Lincoln brought the country together and brought rivals on to his cabinet. After the Civil War, Abe was determined to put patriotism ahead of politics.

I just pray that whoever wins this November will do the same. I didn't like Al Gore, but I greatly respect him. After the hotly contested 2000 election and Supreme Court ruling that 'W" won the election, Gore swiftly and humbly delivered a concession speech that made it clear that a peaceful transfer of power was to ensue, as usual, in our great country. It was the first step of healing and truly was patriotic. That's something we can all pull for on November 9th, no matter who we vote for. God Bless America!

-Dr.Michael Hurt, CMO

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