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February 9, 2017

Learning to Fly

A couple weeks ago my wife posted a picture of her back while working out.  It was perfect anatomy.  Very muscular.  The caption was “Learning to fly”.  It looked like it.  The caption had a double meaning. She is also growing her wings as a business woman, kickboxing instructor, and leader of about 30 part-time employees. 

Shelly Hurt workout

A week ago I had a “broken wing”, a shoulder impingement that Dr. Li fixed through the arthroscope here in Clarion.  I just want to share that it was the best healthcare experience I have ever had.  From Leslie at registration to a painless IV start by Sam, to my OR team (Wendy, Nikki and Ginger) and David, my anesthetist. Something about seeing Heather around the OR when you are a patient is very calming as well. I feel great. It has only been five days and I’m going to work out tonight.  Soon I will be flying like Shelly!

Speaking of Shelly; one week from today will be our 19th anniversary.  I am truly the luckiest man in the world! She is the best thing that ever happened to me and she is my “why”. Happy Anniversary Wifers! To the rest of you; Happy Valentine’s Day. Take some time to fly!

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