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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

December 25, 2014

Unfinished Business

We have about eight days left in the year. Before we embark on the New Year with all of its resolutions and promise, we have some work to do in our hearts. Forgiveness. That’s right! We can’t fully move on and start over without fully embracing it and letting it work in us. Fortunately, in the interim, we have Christmas. A day we pause to consider God coming into the world to show us the way. To show us how to forgive. Think back over the last year. Take out the trash. Clean the slate. You will FEEL better. Let’s see what some wise people have to say about forgiveness:

“Love lets the past die. It moves people to a new beginning without settling the past.  Love prefers to tuck the loose ends of past rights and wrongs in the bosom of forgiveness — and pushes us into a new start.” – Lewis B. Smedes

“Nothing cures like time and love.” – Laura Nyro

“Forgiveness is not an elective in the curriculum of life. It is a required course, and the exams are always tough to pass.” – Charles Swindoll

“The heart’s memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good; and thanks to this, we manage to endure the burdens of the past.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“Forgiveness heals your memory as you change your memory’s vision.” – Lewis B. Smedes

“Forgiveness is the oil of relationships.” – Josh McDowell

D.A. Battista suggested, “One of the most lasting pleasures you can experience is the feeling that comes over you when you genuinely forgive someone — whether they know it or not.” What is this pleasure--producing action called forgiveness?” Forgiveness means to erase, to forgo what is due, to give up resentment, to wipe the slate clean, to release from a debt, to cancel punishment; to personally accept the price of reconciliation; to give up all claims on one who has hurt you and let go the emotional consequences of that hurt.

Mostly, I’m the one who NEEDS forgiveness; however, I certainly need to learn better how to give it! 

The ones who need it most are those closest to you. They are the most likely to hurt you in some way and you are the most vulnerable to them. Even if unintentional, it stings. It’s likely you’ll be with those closest to you over the holidays so take advantage. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO

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