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Making the Rounds with Dr. Hurt

January 15, 2015

I recently heard a story about a person that committed suicide. I was filled with sadness, keenly aware that the struggles in this life were too much for this man to bear. The weight of this world can be overwhelming sometimes. It's too bad that depression causes some to choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. While there, I was recalling the words of one of my kickboxing instructors during a class yelling, "What are you fighting for?" and "What is motivating you when you feel like quitting?". For me, and for most, it is my family. I want to stay fit to provide for them and care for them.

In contrast to this tragic story, this week a former NFL player, Rob Conrad, fell out of a boat at night.  He swam 16 hours surrounded by sharks and being bitten by jellyfish until he finally came ashore on Palm Beach. He said he was motivated by the lives of his two daughters and that night was NOT going to be the night he dies.

We are all touched by tragedy and have tough seasons in our lives. Obviously, our faith can help sustain us, but how, specifically?

Two ways that I know of:

1) LIVE INTENTIONALLY. Intentionally get up and work out. Intentionally know what you are putting in your mouth. Intentionally pray. Intentionally do the right thing when no one is looking. Intentionally hug your kids... and so on.

2) LIVE PROPERLY ORDERED. This means living according to your priorities. It's intuitive for most what a healthy lifestyle is. We all, from time to time, need a little help getting there.

For every person in your life that you know is struggling, there are 10 more that you don't know about. We need each other. It sure seems that when we focus on helping our friends our own problems become smaller and more temporary. So, remember what you are fighting for each day and be INTENTIONAL in the fight.


-Dr. Michael Hurt, CMO


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