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Making the Rounds

November 9, 2017

Fighting and Leading

The fight behind the scenes exists.  Every day. Everyone knows about the ‘front lines” in healthcare.  You see it in the ER, the operating room, labor and delivery, etc.  The daily encounters with life and death are visible for all who work and visit here to see.  There is another challenge not so easily visible; that is the fight to be the best place for patients to receive care; the fight to provide the tools that the providers need to be successful, without the headaches of running a business and the responsibility of caring for the communities we serve.  Maintaining all of this, despite having no control over what we are paid for services in the face of escalating costs and having no tax support.  Imagine trying to run your family budget this way!  It seems an insurmountable task when you step away and look at it, yet each year we have innovated and fought to stay out of the “red”.  

Steve and I met earlier this week with Lynn Barr, founder and CEO of Caravan Health (our ACO partner).  She kept repeating that you are “leaders’.  This is from a woman who has travelled around the country and united 100’s of rural hospitals into accountable care organizations working together to not only survive, but to thrive.  She reminded us that we do 400 total joint operations, 350 gastric sleeves and nearly 400 deliveries each year.  This is unheard of in rural medicine!  

On the front lines, and behind the scenes, we are fighting and leading the way in the healthcare arena.  We are a team, and each one of us should be proud to be a part of it. Thank you for your contribution.

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