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Making the Rounds

March 15, 2018

March Madness is upon us and our days are getting longer.  Soon it will be warmer too.  Each year the winters seem longer and longer.  I’m filling out my NCAA bracket and look forward to watching it implode.  I also participate in a player draft for the tournament.  There is a group of guys I played basketball with for years that gets together and we draft individual players.  At the end of it all the guy whose players total the most points wins.  This involves a lot more strategy and trash talking than the traditional office pool.  I look forward to the distraction and that is my purpose for bringing it up.  In order for true happiness to occur we all need a fun diversion, something to help us with the mundane in our day to day lives.  We also need adequate sleep, good nutrition, exercise and daily quiet time.  If we incorporate those things into our day it is very difficult (barring pathology) not to be happy. Find your diversion!

DIVERSION IDEA: March Meltdown,  Friday,  March 23 from 6-11 pm

ENJOY YOURSELF and Welcome Spring!

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