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August 12, 2019

At the end of July, the AHA offered a complimentary spot at their 2019 Leadership Summit to someone from Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics.  I was able to make this work in my schedule and, thus traveled out to San Diego for the conference. 

The first day of the conference was what they called a “Solvathon” and was for the next generation of healthcare leaders.  This was an active-working event where each participant was grouped with others from around the country to work on a solution for a particular patient population and in the end was required to pitch this solution to others.  I was paired with five other individuals from San Francisco, Texas, Kansas City, Atlanta, and Detroit.   Each of my teammates was in the healthcare arena and I quickly noticed that I was the oldest by far.  (I kept asking myself, “When did you get so old?”)  What I also noticed during the events of the day and was so very impressed by was the intelligence of this group of diverse innovators. 

This group of young leaders forced me to look at things differently and I think I was able to add some valuable insight as well being the old dad on the team.  This tied directly into the topic of the speaker we had the following week at our quarterly Leader Development Institute (LDI) that Amy talked about last week in her article.  The speaker discussed the five different generations that are currently in the work place and how they react based upon their prior experiences. 

The speaker discussed things such as communication preferences, likes and dislikes of each generation, what prior events may have driven each generation, and things to keep in mind when working with each generation.  What I took away from this LDI as well as the conference in San Diego is that all generations have great input.  We can absolutely learn from one another.  We just need to communicate effectively and realize that we all have a different perception of the world and we need to use this as a guide when communicating with each other.

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