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November 29, 2021

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.  As I am sitting writing this article, my wife is busy baking kringla.  (I think I am eating them as fast as she is baking them).  Over the years she has been trying to perfect the recipe that her mom used.  Our entire family all loved Tricia’s mom’s kringla.  Tricia and I started to have a conversation about traditions and wondered who in the family might take this over some day.  She is excited about the possibility of teaching our granddaughter, who is to be born in early March, this tradition. 

This got me thinking about our LDI we had a little over a week ago.  During the two days of learning, many staff shared why they went into healthcare - what was their “calling.”  I heard stories that I had never heard before even though I have worked with some of these teammates for years.  This time even allowed for some of us to be more vulnerable than we would normally be.  This was awesome to see!!  I am amazed every day the things I learn from, and about, each of you. 

The biggest takeaways from LDI for me are that you never know what events have shaped someone’s life, and you definitely need to count your blessings.  During this busy time of the holiday season, please don’t forget to pause, remember what is important, and count your blessings! 

Until next time……

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