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Greg's Greetings

October 31, 2022

The first part of this month, Tricia and I were fortunate enough to make a trip to Arizona.  Tricia has a few cousins that live near Tucson so we thought we would go visit.  We always enjoy our time when we head down there.  It had been over a year since we saw some of the family members and even a little longer for others.  The great thing about this group is even though it may have been a while, it seems like we start right where we left off the last time that we saw them…not skipping a beat.  Below is a picture of Drew (one of Tricia’s cousin’s boys) and I.  Drew and I have a special bond, and it is hard to believe he is a young man now.

Greg and Drew






I also had the privilege of observing a total knee surgery being performed by Dr. Li in Clarion utilizing our new robot.  The surgery team in that operating room reminded me of my trip to see Tricia’s cousins.  It was almost like watching a musical. Everyone knew their role, did it very well…not skipping a beat.  I imagine all surgeries are like this at ISH where everyone works together so well, just like a family.

Thank you to the entire ISH family for working so well together and providing our patients with the best care!

Until next time……

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