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Greg's Greetings

May 16, 2022

This year we have been asking staff the question – what is your word?   For me, I chose the word “integrity.”  According to Google, the magnificent seven aspects of integrity are honesty, respect, generating trust, pride, responsibility, keeping promises, and helping others.  This word reminds me that I have work to do in all of these areas, but nevertheless it is something to get better at each and every day.

You may wonder how or why I chose this word.  For me, it really came down to eight pounds.  Eight pounds – that sounds odd – right?  Yes, eight pounds which is how much a Labrador puppy weighs or an Xbox One, or a female cat, a 24” monitor, or even 4 pairs of shoes.  For me, the eight pounds that impacted me is shown in the picture below.  This is our new granddaughter who, when born, was eight pounds.  I can’t think of a better way for this little girl to think of her grandpa, but as someone who is honest, respectful, trustworthy, proud, responsible, keeps his promises, and helps others.  What is your word?

Until next time……

Greg Polzin's granddaugther

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