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February 21, 2022

This month we have been talking a lot about barriers.  I feel like our perception of the obstacles we face makes a difference.  Some find barriers to be an opportunity to succeed, while others find them as reasons they might fail.  Some give up when seeing an obstacle, while others hit them head on.  

When I think of barriers for some reason the show “American Ninja Warrior” comes to mind.   If you haven’t seen an episode, it is a show where men and women of all walks of life try to tackle some pretty challenging obstacle courses.  Sure, many of the contestants are elite athletes, but each of them had their own story that led them to this place.  Many of them faced barriers in their personal life way before maneuvering through the almost impossible obstacle courses.  It is also interesting to me that many of them have different techniques on how to accomplish the goal of completing the course.  

Recently many of you may have seen my wife tooling down the clinic hallways on a scooter.  This is because she had foot surgery by Dr. Hensley.  Dr. Hensley has been awesome, but this obviously caused a barrier to Tricia and the job she loves. She is not one to sit still, and she truly feels like she is helping raise many children out there as it takes a village, and she doesn’t want to let her patients down.  Sure, she could have taken weeks off to recover, but instead she found ways to overcome this obstacle AND still help her patients.  More times than not, if you want to find a solution there is one.  She even got me to clean the house.  Now that she knows I can, I am not sure how I will get out of this once she is fully healed.

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