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January 27, 2020

Last Friday, January 24th, is on record as the most depressing day of the year.  According to Psych Central, it is not hard to figure out why.  The bills come in from all of those generous gifts you gave back when the holiday spirit had you feeling rich.  The resolutions you made on December 31st are well broken.  And it’s cold, dark and dreary – the roads wear the kind of brown slush that is unbecoming. 

In order to emerge from this and head in the right direction – toward resilience – think about doing the following:

  1.  Stop doing one thing you don’t enjoy.  This sounds easy but it is more challenging than you might think.
  2. Clean out one area of your house.  Or if this is too overwhelming start by cleaning off your desk (a couple weeks ago was national clean your desk day).
  3. Go to the light.  Technically in January we are moving towards more light each day – which is great news!
  4. Try something new.  This might include cooking a new recipe or doing an activity that you have been thinking about but haven’t tried (for me this would be yoga).  
  5. Make a list of lessons learned.  Write down a few things you have learned in the past year.

The other good news is that January 24th is behind us so we can look forward to better days.  Take time to care for yourself and others. 

Until next time……

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