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September 7, 2020

Ashley Recknor's daughter at school with friendAlone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

Over the last few weeks, many families are back in school or going to school for the first time.  We had the first ever day of school milestone at our house this week.  It is certainly a roller coaster of emotions for everyone as this point. Many of you are having to make difficult decisions about how school will work best for your family;  whether that is moving to homeschooling or on-line learning, or maybe your school is a hybrid model, or going back full time but this is looks different for some too.  I even know of some that enrolled in new schools.  These are just a few of the different scenarios we are all dealing with right now and we are all at different spots; so as we work through this I ask that we support each other and show each other grace as everyone makes the decisions that are best for them and their families. 

For our family, we chose in person three year old preschool and last week we met the teachers. Rylan was not very excited about meeting her teacher. When we attended the Parent Teacher Conference, she did not want to interact with her teachers. When they asked her to do something she would say, “I don’t know how,” even if she did know how.  When we left we discussed with Rylan about following directions, trying your best, and how much fun she would have with friends who were in her class, and how we knew her teachers.

Given our first interaction, when the first day of school came we didn’t know how it would go. However, we continued to be positive and highlight all the good things. When it came time for Rylan to go into preschool, she asked where her friend Weston had gone (as they had been playing outside waiting for their turn to go in).  She waited for him, and when he walked up she grabbed his hand and off the two of them went. No further words, just pure determination in their eyes; they were doing this, together!

I have been asked how I am doing as a mom with the first day of preschool, and I have to say in all honesty, great.  I was a little worried how it would go after the meet the teacher night, but I was very excited for Rylan to start this new chapter.  I am looking forward to seeing her grow and the stories she will share. I am even more thankful for her having friends to take this next step with.

Daily we have difficult decisions to make with many unknowns.  I challenge each of you as you work through them next time to remember to remain positive and find that person who can stand by your side, hold your hand and enter into the unknown with you and guide you.  Remain positive and show everyone grace, and together we will be able to conquer anything that comes our way. 

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