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October 29, 2021

Life Lessons From a 4 Year Old

Last weekend, Rylan and I were responsible for most of the chores at the different farms as my parents and husband were gone.  After finishing chores on Sunday, Rylan and I were watching the Champion Drive for the cattle show that Jess was at. Ashley's daughter, Rylan, helping with chores.

While watching the show Rylan proceeded to ask, “Why do we have to stay home?” 

My response was, “Someone always has to stay home and do chores to make sure everything is fed and healthy.” 

Her response, “But it’s hard work!”  

My response, “yes it is” and that was the end of the conversation.

While we proceeded to watch the show, we were fortunate to be able to watch as the heifer Jess was working on won the show! How awesome, and this was what was shared on social media, the Champion picture and all the fun! What was not shared were all the hours of hard work and sacrifices made at home and the show to accomplish that win.

Often times in today’s world we see all the fun, exciting things that everyone is doing and want to be a part of it. However, we don’t really know what goes into that glamorous photo as we only see what is shared with us online and can quickly make an assumption of how great they have it.

We can do the same thing here at work; see something and quickly assume how easy the other person has it. However, often times we don’t know the entire story. So my challenge to you all over the next week is to not assume anything, give grace and focus on your own story, and the hard work that it takes to be successful.  


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