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June 29, 2020

As, the newest senior leader I first want to thank you all for your dedication and amazing hard work each one of you have put in the past few months. It truly has been remarkable and made me very proud as I have transitioned to working with you all in a new capacity.

We currently are living in the middle of the unknown and adjusting to a new normal. The past few months have been a blur as we have changed numerous processes to ensure we are still providing the best patient care. All while at home we also were adjusting to kids being home, not traveling and many other changes. I am not saying anything you haven’t heard, so what I want to focus on is the future.

In my planner this week, the quote to focus on was All Great Changes Are Preceded by Chaos - Deepak Chopra. In reading this quote it made me really stop and pause and think about how we are on the cusp of some wonderful new normal even though it has been difficult.  

It makes me think about how during the past few months at home in our Beef business, we launched shipping beef - a project we had been working on for years. Just like here at the hospital we launched telehealth - a project in the making for years as well. Both expedited due to COVID. Did both of these projects have many hours dedicated to them with difficult decisions, frustrations and chaos at times? YES! Definitely. However, the future is going to be better for our Beef business now that we are shipping and able to serve more customers conveniently. Just like the future is better at the hospital now that we are offering telehealth; as it is at times a safer alternative than in person and definitely more convenient for the patients.  

So as we continue to navigate this new territory, with at times what may seem as controlled chaos or not so much controlled chaos, remember there are amazing results to follow and it will be all worth it.

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