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January 10, 2022

This week I had the privilege to travel to a few of our different clinic locations, and while visiting one site a small group of us went to lunch. While we discussed different growth opportunities for that site, we also discussed it being a New Year and if we set New Year’s resolutions, goals, or set a word*.  We were discussing that one person had started meditating every morning and finding 3 things to be grateful for. We discussed how focusing on things to be grateful for can make such a positive impact on mood and setting the tone for the day. We also talked about how it can even be little things, like someone cooking for you, but taking a minute to reflect on that moment and appreciating it and the difference it makes. 

We also discussed all our children and trying to teach them to be grateful. One person shared that they have had their kids share their highs of the day and the lows of the day and how that was a great experience. It also provided opportunity to talk about the low moments for either teaching opportunities or also finding the good things in your lower moments. 

Since our conversation, I have started asking Rylan about her highs of the day and the lows of the day. As, she has gotten in a practice of when I would ask her about her day and what she did saying she didn’t remember or they didn’t do anything. I am sure if you are parent you can relate to these vague answers. However, changing the questions to what are your highs or best part of the day has changed the conversation. Also, I had to adjust what was your low of the day to what did you like least about the day for her to understand, with her only being four.  However, with this shift, she has started to talk more about her days, so I will take that as win and a goal for this New Year to continue to talk more about our days and find those little moments to be grateful. 

 As you start this week, I challenge you to find something to be grateful for every day. Don’t make it a difficult task; just think of one thing each and every day and write it down or make a mental note.   Also, as you are going through your days, and struggling with conversation or to get feedback from your questions, pause and consider reframing the question just as I did with Rylan. It is amazing what some very small changes can make. 

*I am a goal setter and usually choose a word. I have not settled on one for this year yet, but I am looking forward to all the activities over the month to help define that word with The Calling.

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