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From Ashley's Perspective

January 25, 2021


This morning while I was getting ready I looked down and noticed that a diamond was missing from my wedding ring….YIKES!! Now this is not something you would like to have happen any morning, or time of day for that matter… to have a diamond missing. But for some reason at the moment, since I was up a little earlier than normal, it seemed worse…Needless to say my first thought was how do I hide this and not tell Jess (my husband)… 

In reflecting on the moment, I had two options of how I was going to choose to react to the situation. The first was to be extremely upset, let that blead into my day, and try to find a way to hide it from Jess. The second was accept it was gone and focus on what the options were for moving forward. So after staring at my ring for few minutes, taking a deep breath to PAUSE, and remembering that I had set my intention for the day to be POSTIVE... I decided to focus on that it was not my big diamond and this could be a lot worse! I was scheduled to go to Ames today for meetings so I would have the opportunity to drop it off at the jewelry store; so if there was a good time it would be today. Finally, to realize while this situation is not ideal, I am still fortunate to even be in this situation. Having a diamond wedding ring is a privilege, and I am blessed to have a husband and family who love me. 

And on that note, I did call Jess and tell him about my ring, and he asked, “Was it the large diamond?” I told him “no” and he said “well it was bound to happen at some point, we will have to get it fixed.” I had assumed he would be upset and he wasn’t. :) Example of the story in our head is usually worse than the reality of the conversation.

Every day we have situations arise here at Iowa Specialty Hospital similar to losing my ring, in that they are not ideal and have the opportunity to negatively impact your day, our patients, and fellow teammates. These could be anything from an order not in the system, to running behind schedule, a piece of equipment being broken; I could go on and on. However, my challenge to you is to take a Deep Breathe, PAUSE, and intentionally choose how you respond to the situation. By doing this I am sure you will have an improved day and be able to continue to provide that exceptional care to our patients. I would love to hear about your PAUSE that you take over this next week! 

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