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December 26, 2022

It has been an interesting winter so far, and technically the actual winter season just started on the 21st! I do not remember the last time school cancelled 2 days due to snow/ice during the month of December, but that has been the case this year for my kids who go to school in Eagle Grove. I think that this time of year is a good reminder that flexibility in life and work is important. The weather does not operate on anyone’s schedule or within anyone’s plans. And we can relate this to aspects of our work sometimes as well. 

I have witnessed our own employees being incredibly flexible, especially this last week. With the winter storm, and bitter cold temps/blizzard conditions on Thursday and Friday, the amount of flexibility in all departments was visible.  Whether you were an employee (clinical and non-clinical) that stayed overnight for several nights to ensure you could be at work to keep things going, or if you were involved in the tremendous amount of work and coordination it took to reschedule surgeries and clinic visits – the flexibility and teamwork was nothing less than top notch! Thank you for your flexibility, teamwork, and dedication. It certainly is something to be proud of! 

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