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October 3, 2022

Fall is such a pretty time of year! It is definitely my favorite season. The smell of apple and pumpkin, the rustling of the leaves and changing of colors, the crisp and cool air, football, chili, sweatshirts…. I could go on and on.

I’m sure many of you have heard the saying that “The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go.”  I particularly like this visual and phrase because sometimes I find myself getting bogged down by details, by my to do list, by my own guilt of thinking do I spend enough time with my kids or just by plain overthinking things. Do any of you relate to this? How many times are we focused on things that make us get in our own way? Here at Iowa Specialty, it has been proven time and time again that in the blink of an eye we come together to take care of each other and take care of our patients. THIS is what matters. Taking care of our own people will reflect onto our patients and be demonstrated through excellent quality and service. Sometimes it’s ok to let some of the details go, it’s ok to let the guilt go, and yes, it’s ok to ask for help when your to do list is heavy. As we move through Fall together, take a look around at the beauty, and let’s continue to excel at taking care of each other and our patients.

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