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April 18, 2022

Last weekend, my family did something we never thought we would do. We got another dog, making us a 2 dog family. This opportunity really just landed in our laps one day.  My husband had sent a picture through Snapchat to a group of friends and the picture was of himself and our 4 year old Golden doodle, Reggie.  One of his friends proceeded to reply with “do you want to add another?” He then, of course, included a picture of this other dog, named Stormy, who is a poodle and happened to look nearly identical to our dog – same color of fur, similar facial features, and 4 years old as well. This led us to doing a “trial weekend” with Stormy… and the rest is history (of course, how can you say no?) Something that was never on our radar suddenly happened, worked out, and we are all a happy family because of it. 

When I think about how this all happened, I think about how other things in life, work, and relationships have similarly played out. I have not always had a concrete pathway for where life might take me, but what I can say is that I believe whole-heartedly that everything happens for a reason - even if that reason is unclear in the moment. There has been numerous times where I look back and can pinpoint exactly why something happened that I didn’t at all understand at the time. The lessons I have learned from this are to trust the process, trust the journey, and make the best of the stories we are creating for ourselves and for others. I can say that I am so grateful that my journey has led me to ISH, and I challenge each of you to trust the process, trust the journey, and make the best of each moment!

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