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March 15, 2021

Shaila is home this week for spring break. She is so excited to have a little time off and a mental break from school. I am just excited to have her home for a week.  I love when all my family is in the same place. I think we can all relate to needing a mental break. Everything just feels harder right now and we are all looking for something to change to make it better. The crazy thing is that for the most part things have been slower over the past year during the pandemic than any other time in our lives, yet we are more stressed, short-tempered, and frustrated than normal.  

I was looking back at some old articles, and I remembered writing about emotions and feeling like mine were all over the place.  I must say from many of the conversations that I had over the past month, those emotions are back with a vengeance.  As I wrote in my previous article, we really need to remember to give each other some grace and some space. My challenge to you this week is when faced with a challenging situation, be the light in the situation. Be the person that lends the helping hand or offers the shoulder to cry on. We are so much stronger together, and we are our strongest when we lift each other up. 

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