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Amy's Reflections

December 20, 2018

This week we hosted a joint Board retreat and presented our strategic plan. We started the evening off by sharing our presentation from QEMs which gave the Boards a good reminder of our foundation. We then split into small groups and had more strategic discussions about the individual pillars of growth, people, service, quality and finance. It is always a great night filled with a lot of conversation, and the one time a year that we have the Clarion and Belmond Board Members together in one room sharing one common vision. We ended the evening thanking Steve Been for his many years of service, dedication, and leadership on the Belmond Board as he is retiring from the Board at the end of this year.

While hosting the joint Board retreat, I was also multi-tasking with a husband in the emergency room with a kidney stone and one of the children at basketball practice. I literally needed to be in three places at once. I am thankful for our amazing staff as Rick was in good hands, and it allowed me to be present for my portion of the presentation. I am thankful to Jessica Ricke for getting Maleigha to basketball for me, and to Sarah Nelson for getting her home for me. It seriously takes a village, and I am thankful to be part of this one. As you are rushing around frantically getting "ready" for Christmas and holidays with family or friends, please don't forget to take time and truly be thankful this holiday season. May we not lose sight of the reason for the season, and may we spread joy and appreciation to those around us. This holiday season I wish for you peace of mind and joy-filled hearts. 

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