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November 9, 2020

I recently was gifted with a sign that reads “in the middle of my little mess I forget just how big I’m blessed”!  I love this sign so much and have it displayed in my office above my desk. It is a great, gentle reminder to me every day to count my blessings. In our day to day lives we can often get sucked down the rabbit hole of focusing on all that is wrong or frustrating and forget to see all the many blessings around us.

We had a monthly growth pillar meeting this morning and Robyn Paulsen leads the agenda for this team. If you have ever spent any time around Robyn one thing you can’t miss is her positivity. I often listen to her and wonder how you can personally see the positive in every situation regardless of what is going on. After working with her for a while now I understand that it truly is one of the only things we have control over. You can’t control much of what happens around you but you can certainly control how you respond to it. So, I will continue to challenge myself to find good where I can and count my blessings often. 

One of the things we were challenged with during the growth pillar meeting was to pick one Iowa Specialty Hospital service line or service that we are most grateful for. This week as you are counting your blessings, I wanted to share the summary from our meeting this morning.

  • Wow bucks and the ability to recognize each other for helping.
  • Our state of the art radiology equipment.
  • Our incredible obstetrics department and all the amazing care they provide.
  • The miracle healing work of our physical and occupational therapy departments.
  • Our bariatrics program and the difference they are making in people’s lives.
  • Our culture of people willing to work late or go above and beyond to make sure our patients get what they need.
  • Our pharmacies and the ability to offer healing medications to our COVID patients.
  • Our mental health services and the support they provide our patients and our teams.
  • Our COVID triage line and the great care and guidance they provide during such a scary time.
  • The ability to offer telehealth and flexibility during this time.
  • Our expansion into the Webster City market where there was definitely a need.
  • Expansion of pediatric services and being able to see those patients in clinic safely.
  • Our willingness to work together for the good of our patients and communicate at all levels.

I can tell you for many of these services that were mentioned made a profound impact on that person. Thank you for all that you do and the impact you make. Keep making a difference in the world and I will continue to count you as one of my blessings. 

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