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January 18, 2021

Maleigha's before and after haircut Maleigha decided to break out of her comfort zone and cut her hair this past week. I have loved her hair long, but ultimately it is her decision and she went back and forth on how much to cut. As she was sitting in the chair she shared that she really wanted to donate her hair to someone in need, and she wanted to see how short it had to be to make that happen. So… she cut off 12 inches and is donating it to Hair We Share. Her hair looks darling, but the best part was how excited she was about helping someone else. I love that she pushed herself to make a hard decision for the best of someone else. Now we all know that hair grows back so it really isn’t that big of a decision, but at 12 years old it seems like a pretty big deal.

Over this past week, I sat in a couple of different meetings where I had the pleasure of watching teams work closely together to discuss ways to improve workflows and processes to raise the bar on the care we provide to our patients. I have reflected on these meetings several times over the week and am so grateful to work in an organization that cares enough to fight for change. I am blessed to work with individuals that won’t settle for “that’s the best we can do” or “that’s how we have always done it” but will push to learn and grow and be uncomfortable for the good of others. Healthcare is definitely not easy and not every day is glamorous and spectacular, but if we stay true to our purpose there is no telling the difference we can make. This week I challenge you to be the difference you want to see in the world. Be fearless and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Seek ways to be innovative in your role and most of all know how much you are appreciated!

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