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Amy's Reflections

November 21, 2018

It has been a rough week for my three youngest children as they lost all of their electronic devices on Sunday night. This is somewhat disastrous for them as we head into a five day weekend.  Unfortunately they needed a reminder that there are certain things that are expected of each of us, and that we have to be accountable to those expectations. They were momentarily confused and thought that chores were optional. It is my job to remind them that chores are everyone’s responsibility. So we started this week with a new and improved chore list. So far they are diligently working on their assigned tasks. I did enjoy Monday night with everyone being unplugged from electronics, and the conversations and the time spent as a family.

Since this is Thanksgiving week I would like to encourage you to unplug from your electronics and the buzz of social media and truly enjoy the time spent with family or friends. See if you can go three hours without looking at any social media on your phone. This is my challenge to you; unplug from electronics and plug in to your family. Make some wonderful memories and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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