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September 27, 2018

We had our monthly Board meetings this week. Even though it makes for a long day, I really enjoy the Board meetings as it is our opportunity to share how wonderful you all are with our Boards. We have recently started having the new providers come and meet the Board as a brief introduction and to put a face with the name. Last month, Dr. Caleb Aswegen came to the Belmond Board meeting, and this month with the expansion to the Garner area it was Dr. Diamond’s turn. It was so nice to hear the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Garner community.  As she has been working in both Clarion and Belmond trying to build her Garner practice in advance of the clinic being completed, she has a great perspective of the need to expand, and how we just need to continue to be our awesome selves and we should be very busy.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I think we all left a little more energized about the direction we are heading.

It is interesting what a difference the attitude of the presenter makes to the message. I am sure we have all experienced this at a conference in our past; the difference between someone reading the slides and someone engaging us in relatable stories. My family often feels this way about Dr. Whitters’ homilies at church as they tend to be very relatable to our current lives. I know I write a lot about choosing your attitude, and I do this because we all need the constant reminder. We need the reminder to check ourselves and see if we are casting shade or casting sunshine in our messages. I had a great reminder from a friend last week that although it is easiest to blame others, it is more important to take ownership in our own part in the situation. If we all came at problems with a can do attitude and brainstorming solutions, we could move a lot quicker as a team. This week, challenge yourself to cast some sunshine on a problem or frustration. Pull in a few team members, brainstorm a solution, and work on implementing it. I believe we have the most amazing team that can change the landscape of healthcare, but we can’t do it alone.

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