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Amy's Reflections

September 27, 2021

A few years ago, we were challenged to share with a group what lead us to get into healthcare or what gives us passion for healthcare. Usually it is something personal or a desire to serve others and make a difference. I am definitely motivated by that sense of accomplishment from helping others or making a difference. That may have been what lead me to healthcare, but the passion for healthcare and serving our patients is a very personal one. My mom was hospitalized for treatment for aggressive large cell lymphoma. While hospitalized, she had some complications and became septic and ended up on life support. As we were making our final decisions and arrangements, we had the most wonderful nurse that was so incredibly supportive during the process and gave us as much time as we needed even though she had a million other things to do. She asked if there was anything we needed, and I had asked for her to remove a ring that my mom always wore without having to cut it off and damage the ring. She said no problem and did some fantastic trick with string and got it off without issue. This was incredibly important to me, and to this day I still wear this ring. I will never forget the difference she made in my life at that moment in time. 

I know there are times in healthcare that we question the difference we are making or if we are still passionate about our calling. I pray that each of you continues to use your passion to help others. Often what we think of as just a normal day is very impactful to those we serve. This week, I challenge you to share with me your calling….why healthcare? What drives your passion?

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