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Amy's Reflections

September 26, 2022

We had off-site leadership development this past week. This is usually a lot of learning which sometimes can be difficult for me. I find the older I get the more I struggle being an adult learner.  I really appreciate the opportunity to learn new leadership skills and come together as a leadership team with the opportunity to touch base and strengthen relationships. I find that LDI’s fill my bucket and rekindle my passion for serving others. 

One of the things we spent some time talking about was our culture and what sets us apart from others. I heard a lot of examples of how we are really family and care deeply for each other. We lift each other up when times are tough, but we also celebrate each other’s victories. Working in healthcare is tough. We give so much of ourselves to others that it is important that we also find ways to refill our buckets. My challenge for you this week is to identify two things that bring you joy and help fill your bucket. How can you prioritize these activities into your daily or weekly life? Who can you lean on to help hold you accountable to take care of yourself? 

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