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Amy's Reflections

July 22, 2019

“In this world you're either growing or you're dying so get in motion and grow.” Lou Holtz

I had a crazy busy weekend last weekend. The girls had dance competition in Ames and we had the open house for the Garner Clinic. The open house was wonderful and we had so many people turn out to check out the new building and meet the providers. The open house was supposed to run from 12-2pm but people started coming at 11:30 and were still coming after 3pm. I had to leave at 2pm in order to get to Ames in time to watch Shaila dance. It was definitely bittersweet as this was the last dance competition she will ever do. After 15 years of dance, it is time to say goodbye to that chapter of her life and embrace the new opportunities ahead. We spent about 4 hours on Sunday watching old dance recital videos as kind of a goodbye party to dance. Shockingly enough the boys in the house were nowhere to be found. Now it is time for her to prepare for the new chapter; college.

New beginnings can be both exciting and scary. The possibilities are endless but the fear of the unknown usually creeps in. We are facing the same thing in healthcare right now. Things are changing rapidly and technology is shifting everything we thought we knew about healthcare. We cannot continue to do what we have always done and expect to be sustainable. It is time for our minds to be really innovative and think about all the possibilities. Our challenge is to embrace the excitement of these new opportunities and to not let the fear of the unknown control our decision making. Think about this as we head into evaluations. If we don’t continue to grow both personally and as a system than we will eventually become obsolete. The Garner Clinic is a perfect example of this. I often get asked “why” we built a clinic in Garner. It is a calculated risk with a strategy to open up another market to our providers and our service lines. It is a new adventure for our system and the possibilities are limitless! Cheers to new adventures! 

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." – Unknown

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